Clermont Auditor Real Estate Internet Policy

The Clermont County Auditor, Linda L. Fraley, provides the Web site, http://www.clermontauditorrealestate.org to make real estate and tax map information readily available to the public. The information accessible on the Web site is public record. It is also available in the Auditor's Office at 101 E. Main Street in Batavia.

There are two distinct data sets available on the Web site. The first is the real estate data including parcel ID, owner name, class, land use, neighborhood, acres, property address, mailing address, dwelling description, other buildings on parcel, appraised value, assessed value, sales information, property tax history, and a sketch of the main dwelling.

The second data set is map data including parcels, parcel text, centerlines, pavement edge, easements, water bodies, control points, soils, topography, townships, history, and aerial photography.

Maps are intended only as a visual representation of spatial data. You should never rely upon the maps to legally establish property lines or the location of any other property feature in relationship to the property line. To establish these matters with certainty, you must engage the services of a professional surveyor.

The Auditor's Office assumes no legal responsibility for the information contained on this Web site as it is meant for inventory purposes only. Users noting errors or omissions are encouraged to contact the Clermont County Auditor's Office.

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